Easy Being Free was born out of the wish to document and share positive lifestyle changes. The purpose is to spread ideas and share enthusiasm on issues, news and ways to reach more freedom in everyday life. From the smallest reflections to the bigger picture.

My name is Lars Kjær Dideriksen and I am a journalist. I have worked in the press, but mostly in the communication sector. Initially at educational institutions and later as PR manager for the dance theater Bora Bora in Aarhus, Denmark.

I have been involved in music for many years as a writer, site editor and record label manager. My independent record label is called SOPA (Sound Of Perpetual Astonishment) and was founded in 2006. Here I have worked with artists such as such as Katrine Stochholm, Sister Chain & Brother John, Marzipan Marzipan etc.

Among my various projects have been the book-, cd- and web project “århus:nu“, the music documentary “First You Close Your Eyes” and the educational documentary “Working Lab Greenland“.

The Easy Being Free blog was officially started in the summer of 2018, but is not the first time I have been blogging.

My personal website is www.larsdideriksen.com.