Podcast #2: Sister Chain

This is the second Easy Being Free podcast. My good friend Sister Chain stepped up for another experiment on a stroll through night time Berlin. Do artists enjoy more freedom than the rest of us? Have a listen. How much freedom – or what kinds of freedom – do artists enjoy? Do us regular Joes […]

Ownership or Access?

A big shift is happening in our relationship with physical items. It presents a paradox which is worth thinking about. Could this new freedom limit our… freedom? It’s all in plain view. Despite people having a seemingly eternal craving for consumer goods there is a cultural change going on. We still want to consume more […]

Podcast #1: Roberta Perzolla

This is the very first Easy Being Free podcast. My good friend Roberta Perzolla was kind enough to embark on this experiment with me. Have a listen. How does a geographical location affect your feeling of freedom? Is there a certain mindset in that location that allows for different life styles? Of course there is. […]